This manicure was actually worn last year around October but I had to hold off on posting it because my choice of the “random item” was a gift to my sister and I had not seen her yet to give it to her!

Now I can finally post it without spoiling the surprise! So consider this a throwback Thursday post!

Sing You like a Bee was a 2014 limited edition collection that was a collaboration between Carrie Underwood and Nicole by OPI.  I don’t care that it was a Carrie Underwood collection, I was in it for the colour – it’s a stunning white jelly base with dense gold fleck shimmer.

The bottle design of Nicole by OPI polishes always baffled me. It reminds me of a short baby bootie. I’m not sure why they’re developed this way except to look distinct among other polishes on the shelves?
I can’t decide if the shade name Sing You like a Bee is a play on the words “sing” and “sting” as in “Sting like a bee”, or, if it’s about the show The singing Bee?

The shimmers registers gold but if I examine it very closely there’s yellow gold, orange, and even green – it’s so beautiful!

I was expecting this to be really sheer, but the base – a white jelly – and the shimmer are both visible even after only one coat.

I was pleased with the look I got with 2 coats. It’s a delicate effect that is a bit challenging to capture on camera. Here’s the best I could manage with a close-up of my thumb:

There is a faint texture to this polish due to how densely packed the shimmers are.

I did experience chipping on my index and middle finger – however, because this shade is so light, it’s not too noticeable.

This polish was on my list of favourites in the third quarter of 2016 – I have a fondness for these types of sheer shimmery polishes. They’re easy to apply – pretty much foolproof – but look really put together and effortless.

The random item I grabbed was this enamel elephant trinket holder that I picked up in Turkey during my cruise:

It’s quite substantial and heavy – the traveler shop sold other animals like horses and frogs, but this one was really colourful and had a distinct design.

When you lift the trunk, it reveals space to hold small items like jewellery or coins.

My sister really liked her gift!

What’s your “foolproof”, simple and easy nail polish?

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