using two coats of Clinique High effect extreme volume Mascara ($19.50) on my upper as well as lower lashes
This publish is very first as well as foremost a evaluation of Clinique’s High effect extreme volume Mascara ($19.50)…

Clinique High effect extreme volume Mascara, $19.50
…but before we get to that, I just requirement to say, DUDE. Seriously, if you are not a morning person, I get it. I totally get it. Weekday mornings?! Ugh, mine are almost always rough — rough like that sketchy off-brand toilet paper El Hub always buys, even though I’ve told him about a billion times that “Charmin Ultra Soft is the only method to go.” (Note to self: stop asking that guy to buy toilet paper.)


When my alarm sounds, I open my eyes as well as begin psychologically ticking off the things I want to do that day (good grief, why is that listing always so hella long?!). Oftentimes, even before I get out of bed, a sense of panic has set in…

But ya know, gotta get up. Gotta get going. Can’t hide under the covers, as appealing as that seems sometimes.

You understand exactly how it is. Some mornings you’re dealt with with a option — a option between indulging your inner grumpy goat as well as letting her wreak havoc, or doing whatever in your power to have a fantastic FRICKIN’ DAY!


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I usually shoot for the latter (not always successfully, mind you), as well as most of the time when things work out relatively well, I seem to have complied with a morning routine extremely similar to this one:

I get out of bed right when the alarm goes off, versus hitting the snooze button as well as falling back to sleep. If I hit the snooze, even if it’s just for 10 more minutes, I may get up feeling groggy.

I have my very first cup of coffee as well as quickly get a bit food in my tum

I get my booty in movement by either walking or running on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes, during which time I’ll listen to some upbeat music and/or mull over what I want to achieve that day.

I primp as well as do whatever I can to feel adorable — taking a shower, fixing my hair, applying makeup (this morning I filled in my brows, used under-eye concealer, some High effect extreme volume Mascara on my upper as well as lower lashes, as well as lipgloss) as well as choosing an attire that isn’t likely to be 1) mistaken for workout wear or 2) ratty pajamas.

More frequently than not, when I comply with this routine, I have a quite great day.

Und du? What’s your “good day” morning routine like?

Now, on to Clinique’s High effect extreme volume Mascara…

Clinique’s High effect extreme volume Mascara has really been on counters for a while, however I only just just recently provided it a try. With its large brush, it’s designed for remarkable lashes with extreme thickness as well as volume, as well as risk-free for sensitive eyes as well as get in touch with lens wearers. It’s likewise offered in two shades — 01 extreme Black, which is the color I’ve been wearing, as well as 02 Black — both offered now at Clinique counters as well as

So, my natural lashes? Well, let’s just that they don’t stop traffic. They most likely wouldn’t even stop a slow-moving Radio Flyer Red Wagon, LOL! They’re mediocre at finest — not as well long, thick, full, nor curly. Just…there.

Mascara is an daily must for me, as well as the more extreme, the better. So, yeah, I was around this stuff as soon as I checked out the name on the tube — Clinique High effect extreme volume Mascara.

Long, large clean with small, stubby bristles
What’s the lash look?

Two or three coats provide thick, glossy fringe, without any type of clumps or crispiness, however I’d be hesitant to phone call the look, “extreme.” more like “lush, however not dramatic. like something I’d wear if I desired a natural look, however FYI: my concept of natural lashes is what a drag queen would wear on her day off.

Also, it doesn’t lift a lash curl as much as I usually like, however since it isn’t billed as a lash-curling mascara, that’s no huge whoop.

Staying power as well as removal?

As long as I don’t rub my eyes or futz with them, I get about 8-10 hours without a smudge or flake.

Das ist gut.

Removal’s likewise easy. I don’t even have to utilize a separate eye makeup remover. My regular, as well as always dependable, Neutrogena gentle Cleanser as well as warm water does the trick.

You may like it if…

If you’re into super significantly thick as well as curly lashes, you won’t discover ’em here. Extreme, it ain’t! (she said, pouting a little), however if you just want natural-looking length as well as thickness as well as a soft fringe, fringe feeling soft with a natural-looking length as well as thickness, I believe Clinique’s High effect extreme volumeMascara macht einen ziemlich großen Job.

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