using the new MAC Magnetic charm additional dimension Skinfinish (a medium tan with a fine golden sheen) on my upper cheekbones as well as down the bridge of my nose
My glow in these pics is not because of a recent as well as unexpected boost in cardiovascular activity, the sprinkling of fairy dust or a new skin cream made with firefly particles.

Workin’ on my fitness
It’s really because of the new MAC additional dimension Skinfinishes from the Magnetic nude collection.


The three Magnetic nude additional dimension Skinfinishes, $30 each us as well as $35 CAN
In short, I believe these highlighters are fabulous. just truly beautiful, lovely increased gold as well as peachy gold shades that don’t look stark or extreme on the skin (which can occur often with metallic highlighters).

Wearing excellent (a soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer) on my upper cheekbones
Like the additional dimension Eye shadows as well as Blushes, these easy-to-blend Skinfinishes have a hybrid cream, powder as well as liquid formula. They last all the time long (10+ hours on me), as well as must work well for just about everyone, from makeup novices to pros, as well as gals/guys of all ages.

Wearing relatively valuable (a peach with dimensional pearly sheen) on my upper cheekbones

Unless you’re stacking on the layers, the three colors appear similar, with the differences among them rather subtle. You must be fine with any type of one of them. No requirement to gather all three unless you’re really, truly into fine makeup nuances and/or well on your method to ending up being a spokesperson for makeup Hoarders Anonymous, in which case…I’m ideal there with ya, holmes!


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

Irgendjemand. I utilize a deal with clean with a tapered idea to apply Superb, Magnetic charm as well as relatively valuable to my upper cheekbones, as well as unless you’re hanging out with hardcore makeup people, or you’re married to a makeup artist (GO YOU!), possibilities are laid-back observers won’t be able to tell them apart, either in pics or genuine life.

Fairly valuable additional dimension Skinfinish, a peach with dimensional pearly sheen
Not that they look precisely the same… I believe there are minor differences — differences that I can absolutely see when I look carefully at them, like exactly how the powders sit on my skin, however in general, they’re rather alike.

Superb additional dimension Skinfinish, a soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer
Soft peachy nude Superb’s powder grains are somewhat larger than the grains in relatively valuable as well as Magnetic Appeal, making its shimmer somewhat a lot more obvious. If you like highlighters with a remarkable mirror-like radiate (MAC Soft as well as gentle pertains to mind), you may want to provide excellent a try.

Of the three, medium golden tan Magnetic charm is the darkest (although, again, the difference is subtle), so if you’re an NC 40 or darker, that’s most likely the one you’ll want, as relatively valuable as well as excellent might go somewhat ashy.

Magnetic charm additional dimension Skinfinish, a medium tan with fine golden sheen
Really, though, I don’t believe you can’t go wrong with any type of of these. I like them all — the highlighting impact is noticeable, however not stark, so I get a charming candlelit glow that doesn’t phone call interest to the community thugs…aka “my pores.”

Extra dimension Skinfinishes from the left: Superb, Magnetic charm as well as relatively Precious
If you’re sure you can tell them apart as well as appreciate the nuances among them, then I’d suggest excellent if you like flashy, high-shine highlights; Magnetic charm if you’re a darker diva; as well as relatively valuable if you want an all-purpose highlighter to wear with peach as well as coral blushes.

PRICE: $30 each us as well as $35 CAN
AVAILABILITY: pertaining to MAC counters, stores as well as December 26
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: A+

Allegedly buying for others…

Guess who was at the shopping center last night for last-minute shopping?

Allegedly, I went trying to find sweatshirts for somebody else, as well as I mainly did, however I likewise snapped pics of things I may/may not go back for after Christmas.

Like this fuzzy sweatshirt with hearts by Robbi & Nikki at Nordstrom. I don’t understand if I’d ever wear it…but I like that it reminds me of The Muppets.

It’s time to play the music!
And, obvs, the leopard areas on the shoulders of this button-up sweatshirt by browse for Sanity (also at Nordie’s) state “meow” to my inner feline lady.

I didn’t end up discovering the ideal sweatshirt at Nordies, however I did discover these boots for myself: the Sam Edelman Darwin Boots, which were (magic woRDS!) Zum Verkauf.


Süss! Frohe Weihnachten zu mir.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaftsberufung Süchtiger,