So what does this specific feline woman want for her upcoming birthday?

Um…how about anything at all from this list?


I provided this listing of feline woman birthday gift concepts to Tabs in the really hopes that he would discover it in his small tabby heart to get his most loyal assistant something for her birthday this year.

But yeah…I’m definitely not getting my really hopes up.

1. The crazy CatLadyBox

Give her the gift that keeps giving! gift your preferred feline enthusiast with a membership to CatLadyBox, a new membership service that sends her a monthly box full of cat-themed items. I suggest that you upgrade to the crazy CatLadyBox, which includes goodies for the resident kitty-in -charge, too. offered now at, $39.99.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

2. Mewgaroo Sweatshirt

This cozy sweatshirt with a front pouch keeps both feline woman as well as kitty warm. offered now at unihabit.

3. I Was typical three Cats Ago

Genug gesagt. offered now at MittenMadeDesigns, $15.

4. crazy feline woman Pouch

The ageless colors of this elegant black as well as white cosmetics pouch are always in fashion. fill with makeup, feline treats or both. offered now at Zana Products, $20.

5. crazy feline woman birthday Card

The purr-fect card for your preferred CCL. offered now at LovelyCuppa, $3.14.

6. crazy feline woman Stick figure Family

Let everybody on the street understand that you’re living the dream with these crazy feline woman stickers for your car. offered now at PMVinyls, $10.

7. Ceramic feline bowl With Sprinkle Pattern

These black as well as white sprinkle ceramic cat-head shaped bowls can be utilized for jewelry, candles, makeup, feline treats… offered now at ZanaProducts, $45.

8. feline Magnet

Keep your cray feline lady’s desk neat as well as neat with this feline Magnet. offered now at metropolitan Outfitters, $14.

9. job Social T Peeking feline Tee

Dress up your preferred pair of cat-hair covered skinny denim with this tabby feline tee. offered now at metropolitan Outfitters, $34.

10. Sterling Silver + 18K Gold Plating feline Earrings

Cat woman jewelry? indeed please. offered now at metropolitan Outfitters, $14.

11. most Days I desire I Was a feline Mug

Ain’t that the truth! offered now at metropolitan Outfitters, $10.

12. You as well as Me as well as the Cat

Deck the walls with this feline woman printed poster. offered now metropolitan Outfitters, $26.

13. feline woman trendy by Diane Lovejoy

Give your preferred feline woman the gift of literature with this stylish book of feline woman photos, which includes famous feline women such as Audrey Hepburn, Georgia O’Keeffe, Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Zelda Fitzgerald, Lana Del Rey, Lauren Bacall, Joan Jett, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly as well as more. offered now at metropolitan Outfitters, $18.95.

14. hello Kitty Moxi Roller Skates

Say hello to the most stylish hello Kitty roller skates ever! offered now at metropolitan Outfitters, $129.

15. feline person Circle scarf in Mint

Flaunt your feline woman fashion sense while keeping your neck as well as shoulders cozy with this mint-colored infinity scarf. offered now at ModCloth, $19.99 .

16. Purr-tiest of Them All Mirror

Mirror, mirror on my meow, who’s the meow-iest of them meow? offered now at ModCloth, $29.99.

17. It had to Be Mew Top

For the next time you feel the requirement to wear lots or numerous kittehs at the exact same time… offered now at ModCloth, $34.99.

18. Caturday night Tee

The message on this shirt? Geschichte. Von. Mein. Leben. offered now at ModCloth, $29.99.

19. just Kitten! Spitze

The very first time you get to point at this top after a truly legendary shed on somebody or a truly great joke as well as say, “Just kitten! ” will be one of the most awesomest days ever. offered now at ModCloth, $39.99.

20. just Yangin’ Out Pajama Top

Was machst du’?

Oh, you know… just yangin’ out. offered now at ModCloth, $27.99.

21. just Yangin’ Out Pajma Shorts

To go with the above top. These cats have everything figured out, don’t they? They’re the yin as well as yang of the feline world. offered now at ModCloth, $27.99.

22. Caterina feline Ear Beret

Forget raspberry berets. I like this Caterina feline Ear one, as well as I want it meow! offered now at Nordstrom, $240.

23. It’s Meow or never feline pendant Necklace

SO HÜBSCH! offered now at Nordstrom, $52 – $62.

24. Cats Make Me Happy. You, Not So Much

You gotta be in the right mood to wear this one…and sometimes I am in stated mood. offered now at funny Tee, $19.96.

25. feline Hair Don’t Care

OK, this storage tank was produced me. This is precisely exactly how I’ve felt for years, which is why almost whatever in my wardrobe is now grey… offered now at Etsy, $20.

26. Kitty feline Stud earrings With Ear tip Option

How would you like to have these adorable bisschen Silhouetten auf den Ohren? Angebot jetzt bei Hauspanther, 34 $.

27. Sie haben ein Telefonanruf Telefonständer

Ich brauche dies für meinen Schreibtisch. Das ist alles dazu. Jetzt angeboten bei Modcloth, 21,99 US-Dollar.

28. Zeitgenössische Katzen-Brautdusche / Katzenfraukuchen

Frage: “Nimmst du diese Katze, um deine rechtmäßig geraden Katze zu sein?”


Antwort: “Ich meau.” Produziert von Kuchenköstlichkeiten (wie bemerkenswert wäre es, einen Kuchen wie dieses bei einer Hochzeit zu sehen!?).

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,