You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Nun, es ist nicht genau eine Umfrage. Es ist viel mehr von einem ständig weiterentwickelnden (Abweichung?), Etwas zufällige Auflistung von Bedenken, die ich an den Besuchern jeden Montagmorgen in den letzten sieben Jahren angesehen habe. (Es ist wie ein Kickstart für Ihr Gehirn.) Ich freue mich schon immer daran, Ihre Antworten in den Kommentaren zu lesen, und ich hoffe, Sie freuen uns, meine zu lesen.

Where do you typically spend the holidays?
Well that’s a great question! It gets a bit challenging sometimes, however we typically spend Thanksgivings right here in the Bay area at my parents’ home in Union City, which is about 40 or 50 miles away. I bit much more commonly nowadays, though, El Hub as well as I will just spend a peaceful holiday right here by ourselves with Tabs in Novato, which, reality be told, has been good (I like being in my own house, ya know?).

Christmases are much more complicated. El Hub’s parents online in a town called Redding, which is about 200 miles north, just south of the Oregon border, as well as my parents online in the east Bay, so we typically split the holiday between the two sides of the families, which implies A great deal of driving on our part.

We’ll spend Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, which is when we’ve always celebrated, as well as then, at the fracture of dawn on Christmas morning, we drive as much as Redding, which gets us there around noon, where we celebrate the day with El Hub’s side of the fam.

Things will modification after infant woman arrives, ’cause you understand exactly how that goes. When you have the babies, people come to you (I hope), as well as all I have to state about that is say thanks to GOODNESS.

I’m looking ahead to holding the holidays at our house, to be honest, as well as starting some traditions of our own at house with our daughter.

Time to toot your own horn! What’s your Thanksgiving specialty dish?
I make some killer garlic mashed potatoes, yo. Fluffy, buttery, as well as they melt in your mouth.

And my blueberry peach cobbler isn’t half bad, either, as well as it’s truly simple to make. (Here are both recipes if you’re interested!)

To fill in your brows, which do you choose — brow gels, powders, pencils or a combination of two or more?
I’m a brow pencil/gel combo girl, since I like that when I fill in my brows with a brow pencil, it appears like I’m producing much more bit brow hairs, as well as then the gel sets everything, holds the shape as well as keeps the hairs from flying around the place.

Also, at least for the time being, up until I accept some other technique, my brow filling workflow is a bit unorthodox, since I begin with the brow gel, before going in with the brow pencil…which seems backward, I know, however Für mich geht das.

How do you feel about rimming your water lines? For you, is it a do or a don’t?
It’s certainly a do! I like using liner on my water lines to draw additional interest to my eyes, particularly when I utilize greens, blues, purples as well as reddish browns, which I believe go well with my brown eyes.

Do you have freckles?
I many definitely do, like the one I’ve had just under my best eye ever because I was a bit kid, as well as now I have a lot much more of them on my nose as well as cheeks.


Du bist dran. Nur kopieren sowie die Einhaltung der Bedenken in einen Kommentar mit Ihren Antworten einfügen. Ich sehe voraus, um sie zu lesen!

1. Where do you typically spend the holidays?
2. What’s your Thanksgiving specialty dish?
3. What’s your favored technique of filling out your brows? Gel, powder, pencil, a combination of a few things etc.?
4. Rimming your water lines: a do or a don’t?
5. Do you have freckles?


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T-minus three days till turkey day, aah!

As you can most likely tell, I’m extremely thrilled about that. My parents are on a trip, as well as El Hub’s parents have other plans up north, so it’s just going to be me, El Hub, infant Girl, Tabs as well as perhaps my younger brother, who’s one of those people who may or may not show up at the last minute with a tub of macaroni salad…but you just never know.


I hope you’re having a great Monday so far, as well as I hope it’s the begin to a excellent week. say thanks to you for being right here with me on this Thanksgiving week.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Zauberabhängiger,